Both Girls and Boys Soccer Teams Feast On the Catoctin Cougars In Doubleheader

by Jacob Hojnacke

Tuesday night 10/10 the Girls and Boys Varsity soccer teams played against the Catoctin Cougars.

The Girls game started off strong with Megan Allen scoring in the first 50 seconds, moments later when junior Chidera Ogwulu scores, then sophomore Kasie Ogwulu scored twice with her second goal being a chip over the goalie from 25 yards out.

Chidera Ogwulu scored again after a corner kick. A few minutes later junior Christina Corchado scored with 5 minutes left in the first half.

Starting off with a lead of 6-0, no team scored for the second half. The final score was 6-0 Lions.

I spoke to Kasie Ogwulu about how she felt about scoring two goals. “It felt really great to score,” Ogwulu responded. Hally O’Keefe stated, “Going into the game we were playing at a new time and that was an adjustment, but we had trained hard that week and we were ready to play hard and fast.”

O’Keefe had thoughts about her team, “In the first half we were really focused on just scoring goals, not possessing. But in the second half we calmed down and worked on playing good soccer.”

I ended with asking how about how she felt the rest of the season would go, O’Keefe responded with, “I think that next week we’re going to have to play well at Frederick and gain confidence going into Thursday’s Senior night vs. TJ where we should have no problem competing.” We wish the Girls the best of luck for the rest of the season.


The Boys soccer game started immediately after the girls.

After fighting for control of the ball senior Spencer Shortt took a shot and scored. Only a minute after Spencer scored, senior Nathaniel Ford scored.

Sophomore Ethan Coleman scores a rocket of a shot only moments after Ford’s goal and the first half is over only minutes later.

The second half starts with Shortt scoring his second goal of the night and then going for another one, giving him a hat trick.

As the final ten minutes close, junior Luke Gaffigan scores leaving the final score for the night to be 6-0.

I spoke to junior Kobe Duncan, who was goalie for the entire match, he said, “ It felt good to start the match. I had wanted more time to warm up on my punting but due to lack of time I couldn’t and I think that definitely showed.” I asked about what happens to goalies when they make a save, he responded with, “Don’t let it go to your head.”