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Cats Are Better Than Dogs For Many Many Reasons

by Joana Haizel-Cobbina

On Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, Addison Robert wrote an article on why dogs are superior to cats. That is indeed false information. Although there are people who prefer dogs, there are far more that prefer cats. Cats are cute furry animals that you can cuddle with at anytime of the day anywhere you want.

Reasons cats are better than dogs: [1]

  • Cats reduce the risk of dying.
  • Cats are known to be very intelligent creatures while dogs on the other hand…well…
  • Cats are very quiet and won’t annoy you ever!
  • Cats live longer than dogs.

And of course cats are cuter than dogs! “I like cats better than dogs because they are cuter,” senior Haylie Petrosky said. “Dogs are so annoying and ugly. Cats are so much better and they are so cute. I have a cat, and I cuddle with it all the time. They are easy to cuddle. You have to grow a bond with them. They don’t bark. They know when to keep their distance. They are soft and they don’t eat your food,” senior Elisabeth Madsen said. I myself prefer cats because they are so much cuter and I honestly just hate dogs.

Some true opinions about dogs:

  • Dogs are clumsy. They make a mess everywhere.
  • Dogs don’t care about their human.
  • Dogs are by far the dumbest animals.
  • You have to take a dog outside every day to use the bathroom and take them on walks, while a cat is independent, they leave and come as they please but they always come back.
  • Dogs are very annoying to feed and they never eat their own food, they always want their owner’s food.

Cats are better than dogs in every possible way but not everyone thinks so and that’s okay. Buy yourself a cat and you’ll see how much better your life will get. Remember only smart people appreciate cats, so if you’re smart, you’ll do yourself a favor and buy a cat.



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