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Costume Trends Greatly Impacted By Pop Culture

by Audrey McClatchie

From monsters to Moana, pop culture has greatly affected the trend of costumes year after year.

[1] Halloween 2016 had many of the usual costumes; mermaids, pirates, vampires and wonder women. The number one costume that rose above them all last year was “Harley Quinn” from the popular movie Suicide Squad.

Most people recognize the common costumes, such as Junior Shayna Maleson guessing last year’s number one costume correctly, “Probably Harley Quinn.”

This year, many people have their suspicions for the top costumes that will be influenced by new movies, shows and games.

“I feel like the biggest costumes are whatever is on TV now or in movies,” agreed junior Luci Karszen, “so I feel like we’re gonna see a lot of It clowns.”

[2] This year it is predicted, as Karszen assumed, on multiple sites that the most common costume will be “Pennywise” from the movie It.

When asked about what influences costumes each year, junior Melissa Lajoie said, “The media does. The newest movie that everybody loves. Everybody wanted be Elsa, and everybody wants to be the main characters in the newest TV shows and movies.”

Over the years the most popular costumes relate directly to pop culture. [3] Teenage mutant ninja turtles in 1993, Harry Potter in 2001, Hannah Montana in 2007, Merida from Brave in 2012, and even Donald Trump in 2015.

Even with the new trends each year, there have always been the costume classics that come back every year. “Witch, skeleton, zombie,” stated senior Nora Johnston. Princesses, ghosts, and unicorns seem come back every year. This begs the question, how did they become classics? Were they once a new trend started hundreds of years ago?

Maybe the new popular costume you wear this year will be worn hundreds of years from now, too.


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