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Crumland Farms Has a Haunted House That Will Really Scare You!

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by Jaizon Jenkins

Booooo to all the citizens of Frederick and Walkersville, Maryland. Guess what? Halloween is around the corner! Time to get your scare on because Halloween is on the way in a couple of days and the people all around the United States are setting up parties and events to celebrate the holiday.

In this October, people are looking forward of getting a good scare and the best place for a good scare and fun is a haunted house. The one haunted house that’s close to Walkersville is Crumland Farms also known as Screamland Farms. Open on Fridays and Saturdays, the gates are open at 7:00pm and the last victim is sold at 10:00pm. They remain open until all victims have perished. So enter if you dare or turn back now while you can to save yourself from getting a heart attack for the sake of your life.

As you enter the horrors of the fields you may stumble across the Barn of Bedlam but make no mistake, this barn will infect your souls to a whole level of terror. It will be the most sadistic experience you will ever face in your life. Also take a trip into the Bayou where Voodoo reigns supreme over the weak, depraved, dead, and psychotic alike.

After you got done with that remain on the path to the next course. As we move on to the next course, take a ride on the Hayride of horrors and journey through a nightmarish world deep within the dark woods. Tremble as unspoken becomes reality. You better hope that’s only a dream when you meet the Woodsman the most ruthless and dangerous being on the planet. Pray to yourself that you will make it out alive and sane. Be warned it will not be pretty once you go through there.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is fear”?  Well, fear is a distressing emotion that is inside of every human being caused by pain, evil, danger, helplessness whether it’s real or in your head it still is there to haunt you and that’s the best part about Halloween. So Happy Halloween to everybody and enjoy the farms if you dare.