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Does Having a Messy Backpack Mean You Have a Messy Life?

by Jalyn Jones

Does having a messy backpack mean a messy bedroom? Some people are super organized and like to keep everything clean. Others are lazy and just don’t care how their room looks.

However some people can work in a mess while others need it to be completely clean.

“Having a messy backpack doesn’t mean you have a messy bedroom,” said senior Anthony Currie. Laziness can not only just reflect on your backpack or bedroom, but  it can affect your appearance and the way you carry yourself as whole. From how you keep your hair looking, to clothes, and an appearance overall.

People who like to clean will clean all the time and even look for things to clean even if things are already spotless. They also will always try to look their best. It can also be the other way around. A clean appearance with messy surroundings or clean surroundings with a messy appearance.

“If your backpack is mess,y then so is your room because it shows that you are not organized,” said senior Kimani Veria.

Being organized can be a very hard thing to do if you have lots of extra activities going on in your life besides just school or work. It can become overwhelming, but you have to find a way to balance everything. There are ways to be organized by something so small as a planer. However, if you don’t do that you’re stuck trying to remember everything you need to do and are always in a hurry to get things done.

“Having a messy backpack means having a messy lifestyle. I don’t have a messy backpack, but I have a messy bedroom,” said senior Noah Saddler. This all leads to the idea of how you manage things around you and what works best for you.