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English and Special Education Teacher Tanisha Smith Enjoys Working In Her Hometown School

by Jaizon Jenkins

Tanisha Smith is one of the new special education teachers members of Walkersville High School. She is also an English teacher and will be teaching in her own classroom in the next semester of 2018. Smith is a hardworking special education teacher; she makes sure that she focuses on her responsibilities and that is working with students and making sure they get their work accomplished and managing students and their disabilities.

Walkersville is Smith’s homeplace and she loves this community and still lives here. She graduated from Walkersville High School and she has children who go to Walkersville. Senior Aeshep Smith son of Tanisha Smith attends Walkersville High and is one of the players from the  football team and she enjoys working with her son. According to Smith she said,” I like working with him, I being in the same school and the same environment with him.”

Smith has worked as a teacher for 24 years. Before she came to Walkersville she worked at Washington D.C. public schools and public schools in Prince George’s County. She has also worked at Windsor Knolls Middle School  and she worked as special education department chair. She first graduated at George Washington University and then she got her degree on English education when she first undergraduate at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania State.

Smith is a friendly person and real good person to get along with. She also likes working with the people here as well. She said,” I like the staff and working with the students.”

Smith’s activities that she likes to do is to read and write to cook for her family and likes to hangout with her friends. She is very nice person to talk to. She works with all students and never just one and she does everything she can to help young students and any individual.