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Flatliners Does Not Live Up to the Hype

by Ashley Terry

Have you ever wondered what happens to your brain after you die? Is there an afterlife? Can you cheat death? If you’re into plot holes and subpar acting, then Flatliners is the movie for you.  

Flatliners has received 5/10 stars and has made an estimate of $20 million two weeks after premiering. [1] The film released on September 29th was a remake of the original film from 1990. The original Flatliners received a higher score than the remake with a 6.6/10 and made $61 million. [2]

The film starts off with the main character Courtney, texting while driving, with her younger sister in her car. She hits another vehicle on a bridge and flips her car into a river. The film then flashes forward to nine years later and Courtney is medical student. Here’s where it gets confusing — a patient who has had a seizure asks Courtney if she had lost anyone, how would the patient know that? The introduction of the other four characters reminds you of the pilot episode from Grey’s Anatomy.

Basically there is another hospital in the basement in case the hospital overflowed with patients. It’s never used. Courtney decides (after her encounter with her patient) to research brain activity after the heart has stopped and has enlisted the help of her fellow students, Jamie and Sophia. Courtney has them sneak into the basement to use an MRI scanner. Courtney requests that Jamie and Sophia stop her heart and take images of her brain for one minute before reviving her. During her flatline, Courtney has an out of body experience where she can see herself leaving her body. Jamie and Sophia struggle to revive Courtney, therefore asking for the assistance of Marlo and Ray, who are also students.

After successfully reviving Courtney, they look at her scans. They are the first people to discover brain activity after death. After flatlining, Courtney begins to see her younger sister and has strange activity in her apartment. Jamie, Sophia, and Marlo decide to flatline as well. While Courtney’s experience was positive, the others are not. As it turns out, the students all have a dark secret from their past. After flatlining, their past begins to literally haunt them.

With many plot holes and jump scares, Flatliners failed to live up to the hype. The film was poorly put together and most of the film didn’t make any sense, so I would definitely not recommend it.



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