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Frosh Matthew Toohey Working Hard to Collect Coats and Canned Goods

by Nick Powers

Here at Walkersville High School, different clubs are currently collecting coats and canned food for our food and coat drives. It is very important that we collect enough coats and canned foods, as for why we should collect the coats and canned foods. “It’s important that we collect canned foods, and coats for those without it. Hunger is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with along with those without winter coats. These are just major issues that people just can’t overlook,” said freshmen Matthew Toohey.

“My perfect idea of what a success would be is when we raise enough food and coats to make sure no one is without food and that everyone would have warm clothes available to them. While I know that won’t happen, I’ll still be happy with even a few donations,” added Toohey.

“When you make the drives a school-wide thing, it usually gets a bit more attention than it would normally, it just makes this entire thing a bit more public and, I’m happy about that,” continued Toohey.  He urged, “With the coat and food drive ending soon, it’s advised that if you have any donations you wish to make you should try and get them in as soon as possible. It’s a great choice to donate food and or coats to those in need of them.”

When Toohey was asked why he became the sponsor for the drives this year, he responded with “The reason I became the sponsor for the food and coat drive this year was that I wanted to make sure that I could easily talk to it about other students, My mindset was that I could’ve talked to other students about the food and coat drives and encourage them to donate to the drives. When I was trying to become the sponsor I tried to make it so students could feel more involved, and show that even as a freshmen you have the chance to take up a leadership position in school events if they’re passionate enough about the event itself.” Toohey continued with “I enjoyed my experience here working with teachers and fellow students and hope to continue participating in the coat and food drives”.