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Girls Varsity and JV Soccer Match Up with Middletown

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by Jacob Hojnacke

The girls JV soccer game on Tuesday at Middletown ended with a score of 0-4. The game started off with Middletown scoring a long shot with 28 minutes left in the first half. An interesting occurrence happened with 24 minutes left in the match; the assistant referee blocked an incoming ball from going out of bounds and continued play. A ball was shot by Middletown but was saved by our goalie, Megan Jacobs. Later in the game with 10 minutes left, Middletown scored another goal setting the score at 2-0. Walkersville almost scored a corner kick at the two minutes left mark.

Middletown scored shortly after the second half started, putting the score at 3-0. At 21 minutes in, Jacobs dove and saved a hard ball shot. Around 18 minutes in, defender Avonleigh Broadhurst sent the ball flying out of our 18 yard box towards the middle of the field, so a play could’ve happened, however, we lost possession. With 2 minutes left, Middletown scored again off a lucky bounce over the goalie, setting the final score for the night at 4-0 Middletown.

The following day the Varsity girls were ready to show Middletown who’s boss. The game started off with the two teams going at it, both having shots on goal and saves from keepers, then Middletown got a lucky ball and proceeded to score, setting the score at 1-0 with 12 minutes remaining in the first half.

The second half started off in our favor with a shot on goal, unluckily however, the goalie saved it. The game continued with both teams having possession, and then, with only 8 minutes left in the half, Alexis Gagnon scored a beautiful shot. This shot boosted the momentum of the entire game, but sadly Walkersville was unable to get another shot. However the game didn’t end, going into double overtime. The entire stadium was tense as every play could mean a win, however the game ended with 1-1, a tie.

I asked JV defender Daniella Manchester and JV captain Carly Heller how their Tuesday game could have gone better. “We could have won,” answered Manchester, with Heller adding, “if everyone worked hard to the finish.” “I think we could [comeback],” said Heller. Manchester proceeded to explain that, “We have our good and our bad days.” Coach Heller of the JV girls team said, “If we played to our forwards a little bit more [we could have won]. I felt we played really good defense, we just had a little bit of trouble transitioning it to offense.”

The next opponent the JV girls team will face is Boonsboro on October 3rd at 6:45 pm.