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Homecoming 2017 a Great Time for WHS Students

by Madison Miller

October is the month where the weather gets colder and Walkersville High School hosts the annual homecoming dance on October 21st, 2017. Students and staff always have high expectations for the dance. Very commonly, attendees of the dance that feel they will not enjoy themselves, normally end up having a great time.

The homecoming dance is an American tradition that originated in the early 1900’s. [1]  High school students everywhere enjoy attending homecoming and have the option to elect the people they think should be homecoming court.  

Junior Emily Fletcher commented, “I feel that the dance is a good way to show how we come together as a school since everyone was unified and together.”  

This seems true in many ways; lots of students go to homecoming just to get together with all their other classmates.  

“The dance itself was really fun and there was a lot of good refreshments,” said junior Amanda Shultz.  

The food and refreshments were also something that lots of the students enjoyed.  Junior Madison Smith said, “A lot of people thought the dance was bad but I had a really good time. The candy and refreshments were very good.”

Senior Ornella Sankeu added, “The music was really good, there was a lot of snacks and drinks and the decorations were really nice too.”

“It looked nice. There was good music and we got to see everybody dressed up, and there was really good dancing,” commented sophomore Sierra Few.  

“I liked the upbeat spirit in the gym and everyone was happy and having a great time,” commented junior Chase Tracey.

Some students were more expressive, “Homecoming was a blast!” said freshman Madison Shively.  Sophomore Emily Deely had a great time as well, “It was super fun and it was a stellar time with me and my friends!”

It seems as though mostly everybody agreed that homecoming was great. Everybody enjoyed the decorations and refreshments. The music and dancing itself being the most popular favorite. Many students enjoyed this highly anticipated dance, and all the photos and stories from the dance showed it.  



[1] https://www.active.com/football/articles/10-fun-facts-about-homecoming-882318?page=1