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Homecoming Parade Brings the Community Together

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by Hannah Benson

On Friday October 20th, people lined the streets of Walkersville to watch the Walkersville Homecoming Parade.

The Homecoming Parade is an annual event. All sorts of clubs, groups, and teams participate in the parade including the class clubs, marching band, cheerleaders, and soccer team. (just to name a few) As the floats went by, some of them tossed candy to people. The parade ends at the high school, where many stay for the Homecoming football game.

Sophomore Bianna Eyler exclaimed, ”It was cool I got candy! ”

Sophomore Tessa Newton said, ”It was pretty fun I was in (the) theater (float) so it made it a lot more fun because we had costumes and stuff.”

Leslie Bertolette commented, ”I thought it was very nice. The floats looked good, and you could tell the kids worked hard on them.”

“I think it is a good idea to show support for the community,” freshman Dorlisa Anorchie declared.

Morgan Finch stated, ”I think it was a wonderful community experience, great for the kids.”

”Considering I was in the parade, it was a lot faster than I thought but it was still fun,” freshman Rachel Thomas admitted.

People young and old line the streets, it is a tradition for citizens to come watch the Homecoming parade.

Finch explains, ”We look forward to this every year.”

Theater teacher Heather McFadden declared, ”This is my eighth Walkersville parade. I actually didn’t help with the theater (float). I just walked on the side to make sure no one fell out.”

Bertolette remarked, ”I am glad we had nice weather. This was my first Homecoming Parade here, and I thought it was good!”

Every person had their own ”favorite” floats. Some floats also had decoration to correspond with the 70’s Homecoming theme.

Thomas commented, “I thought the girl’s soccer team one was pretty cool.”

Finch revealed, “I am partial to the drama. But I still think it is cool, they had the costumes.”

“I actually did like the Junior float because it was really cool,” Eyler stated.

No matter how many times someone has watched the parade, or their favorite float, everyone loved the Homecoming Parade. This is yet another amazing event for family and friends during the Homecoming festivities.