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Homemade Costumes and Why They’re Superior to Store Bought

by Nick Powers

With Halloween happening tonight, last minute Halloween costumes are being talked about quite often but when deciding what kind of costume to get, you have to first consider should it be a homemade costume or should it be store bought?

The answer is obvious, it should be a homemade costume. The reason homemade costumes are superior to store bought ones are that one, homemade costumes often show a lot more creativity than the store bought costumes. Secondly, homemade costumes show that you’ve put a lot more effort into the making of the costume rather than just going to a store and spending 20 to 50 dollars on a costume.

Another reason to choose homemade is that with store bought costumes there’s always

going to be a trend in costumes with whatever movie or such was popular that year, but with homemade costumes it shows a lot more creativity. A majority of people will look the same while you stand out as an individual since you took the time to create your own costume for Halloween.

Sophomore Antonia Glueckler agrees with this “I prefer homemade costumes over those bought from somewhere such as walmart, it just shows so much creativity and dedication when you make costumes yourself.”

When talking about homemade costumes and why they’re superior to store bought costumes it’s important to know while the homemade costumes are harder to make and take more dedication, the end product feels much more rewarding than just buying a costume at a store.

Freshman Kirin Robin stated “I feel like the payoff of costumes you make yourself is  worth the time and effort it takes to make the costume even if it doesn’t come out perfect in the end.”

While there are some obvious advantages to store bought costumes in the end the advantages of homemade costumes just outweigh those of the store bought costumes. Sophomore Michael Johnston agrees with the payoff of homemade costume he stated “While I think buying a costume from a store is easy and efficient rather than creating your own it’s just when making a homemade costume what matters is the time and energy you spent to create the costume that you’ll wear for one night a year and enjoy every minute of it.”