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Huge Interest In the New LARP Club – Role Playing In Costumes and Acting In Character

by Marisa Flores

Have you ever been in a play fight? Have you ever wrestled? Have you ever dressed up in funny costumes? If you said yes then hopefully you have joined LARP Club!

Starting this year Walkersville High School is officially adding LARP Club to their extensive clubs list. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. “At it’s simplest, you could say that larping is a continuation of a tabletop roleplaying game that people choose to act out by becoming a character and staging a fantasy world experience in which their character lives.” [1]

LARP Club is full of opportunities. This year English teacher Rebecca May and history teacher Andreanne Vallee are taking the opportunity to be club advisors for this new club. Although LARP Club has advisors, the advisors are not necessarily in charge of the club. “I [would] say the club is student led,” said Vallee.

Obviously LARP Club will go a little bit differently than traditional LARPing. “At the end of last semester, a few students expressed interest in starting a LARP club. I was distantly familiar with the concept of LARP, but they assured me that it would be easy to lead. Essentially, it is role play fighting with fake weapons (often made from Nerf-like materials, duct tape, PVC pipe, etc..) You can play as individuals or as a team. I was unsure of what the student response would be when the sign-up sheets were laid out at lunch. However, the club quickly gained popularity! We have 75 students, mostly junior and senior students. Ms. Vallee and I will be learning with the students as we figure out the details and logistics of the game. The club will be gathering in the auditorium (this) Friday for our first official meeting. I’m excited to get started,” said May.

Not only are the advisors excited for it but so are the students. “I joined LARPing because I knew a lot of people who are doing it and I thought it would be a fun, new experience,” said sophomore Nick Edwards.

It looks like LARPing Club will be a big hit. It has a huge following, fun concepts, and the excitement that comes with new concepts. “I hope to have fun and enjoy myself,” stated Edwards.