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Lions Crush Wootton 76 – 7 And Set Record for Points Scored

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by Valerie Coleman

The Walkersville Lions played against the Wootton Patriots on Friday, October 20th. With this being the homecoming game, the boys were more than ready to take home another win.

Senior Christian Policelli said, “Homecoming games are always exciting; there’s always a big crowd and it’s great to see lots of alumni return to watch the game. During spirit week, the school is filled with lots of energy and it is a very fun time during the school year.”

Senior Jeremiah Sweet added, “Wootton is a solid football team and they are going to come ready to play. If we play our A game, we will win the game. It should be fun with the amazing atmosphere. I’m super excited for the game this Friday and the dance this weekend.”

As 7:00 approached, the stands filled up and everyone was ready for an exciting game. The game started off strong for the Lions. During the first half, Walkersville had a total of 543 yards, while Wootton had a total of 113. Senior Jacob Wetzel had 150 yards on five carries and two touchdowns in the first half. Along with Wetzel’s contribution to the first half, senior Ty Littleton had 114 yards on 14 carries and two touchdowns and Policelli had 140 yards on seven attempts and four touchdowns.

In the first quarter, Walkersville scored a total of 35 points, while Wootton only scored seven. After the Patriots went three and out, the Lions responded with a 29 yard touchdown run by Littleton, making the score 21-0. With 1:10 left in the first quarter, Wetzel ripped off an 80 yard touchdown run and was untouchable through Wootton’s middle defense. At the end of the first, the score was 35-7.

Throughout the remainder of the game, Wootton never had the opportunity to score again, while Walkersville only kept increasing their lead. With 9:45 left in the second quarter, Littleton scored a 6 yard touchdown, making the score 42-7. With only 2:42 left before halftime, Policelli scored from 10 yards out. Then, only a minute and half later, Policelli added a 27 yard touchdown. Senior Ethan Parrish scooped a fumble and scored with 22 seconds left in the half. Concluding the second quarter, the score was 70-7.

Senior Zack Mathis was the only one to score in the second half, making the final score of the game 76-7. Senior Noah Sadler finished the game with a perfect 10-for-10 in extra points, breaking his own school record set earlier this year.

Sadler said, “Going 10-for-10 was great because I expanded my school record. I could not have done it if it wasn’t for my team. Although it felt good to break my record, it felt even better to win as a team. Our team bond is so close that when we come and play our A game it can be scary for other teams.”

Mathis said, “We came out with a lot of energy and emotion. I think we did a good job of feeding off of the huge homecoming crowd. It was nice to score my first varsity touchdown in front of a huge crowd.”

Parrish added, “The game was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was incredible due to the past alumni, the black uniforms, and the fireworks. Scoring the touchdown at the end of the first half just added icing on the cake for my team and I.”

With the Walkersville Lions having a total of 639 yards and breaking the school-record by their 76 points. They came out on top against the Patriots and now are 8-0.