Lumberjack Day 2017 has Students Dressing Up in Flannel and Eating Pancakes
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by Noah Lind

The first day before spirit week… Lumber Jack Day! Students love to dress up in their favorite flannels and jorts and chug some good old maple syrup for the acceptance of their friends.

I like Lumberjack Day because I get to show off my chest beard and my cut off jorts make my legs look super good” said senior Derek Poore when I inquired how he felt towards lumberjack day. He was wearing a sweet getup of a cut off flannel and some jorts and boots.

“I think it brings the school together and it’s a great tradition that’s a Walkersville original holiday,” Said junior Ben Smith. He wore something a little bit less revealing than Poore.

“I think it’s a great thing that we do every year. Really fun seeing everyone go all out and of course, eating pancakes during lunch,” said junior Chidera Ogwulu. She and her friends munched on some homemade waffles and pancakes during lunch to celebrate the school’s favorite holiday.

Senior Kimani “Biz” Viera said “It’s great, it’s just good, people enjoying themselves having fun.” This pretty much sums up Lumberjack Day in a nutshell. Just a lot of great students having a good time taking funny pictures in their best lumberjack gear.

“I think it’s funny because I like to see guys thighs” said sophomore Destiny Simms, and see thighs she did because an awful lot of guys showed thighs on this day. The shorter the better seems to be the trend in WHS.

And I asked one last person, Sophomore Gabby Collins what she thought of Lumberjack Day and she said very unceremoniously, “I like lumberjack day because I like lumberjacks.” Lumberjack day is a great day to spend with your friends at school before a great football game and it’s a awesome way to show your school spirit.