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Many WHS Students Turning to Vintage Fashion for the Fall Season

by Noah Lind

Fall is here which means it’s time to stuff those shorts and T-shirts back in the closet and pull out something new for the festive season.

Some students always try to look their best in school and wear all the trendy new fashion or stick to older roots like junior Ansel Wolff. “I’ll stay in my Jordan’s and in t-shirts as long as I can. I really like to wear vintage hoodies and sweatshirts when it gets cooler, but I’d like to stay in t-shirts as long as possible.”said Wolff. Vintage clothing has been a big trend in Walkersville High School, and more and more people are heading to Goodwill and yard sales rather than the mall to cop the latest 90’s apparel.

Some prefer to stick to more simple and traditional fall apparel such as Junior Kylie McClung,“I like to wear sweatpants, and on occasion a cute dress, tall boots and a jacket. I tend to wear more athletic clothes because my cute clothes are more summer clothes.” While others may be hopping on the vintage clothing trend, people like McClung stick with the style that’s not broken, and one that will always look good even if it’s not what’s new and trendy.

“I hopefully will get some cool clothes to wear during this fall like Tommy or something. I like designer stuff, but mostly the designer stuff that not very many people know about that way I look fresher than them and they can’t get the same stuff as me,” junior Jalen Crist responded. The designer fashion is out of all, the most expensive fashion to wear. Getting your hands on some rare clothing such as Raf Simmons or even Supreme isn’t very hard, but extremely expensive and overpriced due to hype.

Fall is a great time to start new, whether it be better grades, new friends, a new school, and especially a fresh and unique look to start of the year.