Maryland Monday Starts Spirit Week Off with a Sea of Red

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by Hannah Benson

Maryland Monday kicks off the spirit week leading up to Homecoming. Students and staff show their state spirit by dressing up, creating a sea of red.

Students love showing their Maryland spirit. Freshman Brittany Sanchez commented, “I like it because it represents our state.”

“I like Maryland Day because we live in Maryland, and I think we all really like the flag,” sophomore Emerson Kelley replied.  

Junior Dani Shawver stated, “I think it brings everyone together.” Junior Morgan Brown added on, “Yeah it lets people express themselves. I think we have a really cool flag so it’s fun to represent our state.”

Senior Delaney Harnish shared her own reason, “It gets a lot of people involved in school spirit… I like Maryland Monday because it’s practical.”

It’s very apparent that students love showing off the Maryland flag, and many are hyped for the rest of the week.

Freshman Carly Waddington exclaimed, “Definitely [looking forward to] tomorrow, wacky tacky day!”

“Yes wacky tacky day because I am pretty tacky. I think we should [also] have gender swap day,” freshman Amber Simmons suggested

Brown answered, “I am probably going to say class shirt day, class shirts are cool!”

Homecoming is coming up fast, and students are becoming more and more eager. Dressing up for Spirit week is the perfect way to express the excitement.