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Nathan Meadows Is the New Tech Support Staff Member for WHS

by Jaizon Jenkins

Nathan Meadows is the tech support of Walkersville High School. He helps the students and the teachers with any computer, telephones, chromebooks, and other issues that are technology related.

Meadows has been doing this for many years with his family. He continued doing it, receiving a master’s degree. Meadows enjoys what he does so what whatever you need a repair on anything, just give him a call. You know what they, If there’s something strange with your computer, who you gonna call? “(Nathan Meadows).”

Meadows did go to college and got his education from a undergraduate and graduate school. For his undergraduate he went the University of Towson and for his graduate he attended University of Maryland. He graduated with a masters degree and he went on to proceed on what inspired him. For his first job he was an English teacher for the second and the fourth grade. Then as his second job he was inspired in working into computers. Meadows has also taught Physical Education for many years and taught at Montgomery Community College and taught for one semester.

Meadows enjoys working at Walkersville and with the students, “They seem pleasant. I like working with people that seem nice. I do enjoy working here at Walkersville; everyone is really nice here.” He enjoys working with students, even though he doesn’t see them that often.

Meadows likes to read, watch television, and likes to play video games. He also likes to do a lot of kid stuff with his daughter. He also likes sports too! He likes football, soccer, track, and competing in triathlons which consist of swimming, biking and running. “I like learning news programs and applications and I like to enable the teachers to do their jobs.”

As a tech supporter, Meadows has many responsibilities such as maintaining the school’s computers (installing software and updating software) and fixing everything that technology related in the building.

Students and faculty of Walkersville, whenever you have problem with your computer or any technological issue, make sure to call your friendly neighborhood Meadows!