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New Chromebooks Being Passed Out This Week to All Students Who Signed Up

by Rebecca Raub

The week of October 2nd to the 6th, Walkersville High School will be passing out Chromebooks for each student that ordered one. This is part of a One-to-One initiative being rolled out in some public schools that aims to offer access to technology and a computer for students who may not normally have access at home. Each student who signed up and paid to receive a Chromebook will be given a charger as well as a heavy-duty case with a handle.

Forms giving students the opportunity to rent a Google Chromebook for the year were passed out on the first week of school. For a relatively small fee of $45, students were able to rent Chromebooks with warranty to cover some accidental damage available. However, some students declined the coverage fee. Many students are extremely excited about the Chromebooks, as this is the first year they are being offered individually.

Junior Barry Fleming stated “[I] didn’t personally get a laptop but [I’m] glad people finally have the opportunity to receive one through the school.” Senior Sofia Bowers did order one, and said, “I’m really glad we are getting them at a way cheaper price than going out to buy a laptop. It definitely will help me with my schoolwork.”

English teacher John Van Bloem had a lot to say about the new distribution of Chromebooks. “It’s long overdue; it’s about time we had this technology in our school to catch up with others. I’ve been in meetings for while where they expected all students to have computers in class for certain activities, and there is no point in going to the computer lab for just ten minutes. WHS does not have the most recent and up-to-date technology, so this is perfect.”

“Everyday a new set of teachers will be receiving their Chromebooks this week. We have extra copies [of the form to get one] in the front office. Our goal is for everyone to have one by the end of the week,” principal Tracey Kibler said over the announcements Monday morning.

If you signed up and paid your dues, you will definitely receive your brand new laptop soon. Don’t forget to go to the front office and/or talk to your parents if you have questions or problems not already discussed by Kibler or your flex teacher. The One-to-One initiative is a huge step for the school technology-wise and should solve some problems students have.