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Out of Darkness Walk in Frederick Brings Awareness to Suicide Prevention

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by Addie Robert

Suicide is a huge issue in our country that cannot be ignored. The teens and young adults in our society face some of the hardest struggles yet almost no one realizes it.

We are raised in a society where we are afraid to speak out about our troubles and if we do we are told we are just stressed or overreacting. The Out of the Darkness Walk is a way to reach out.

Many people all over the country participate in these walks to raise awareness to help others in need. “The walk is important because suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teens and young adults. Many people suffer the effects of overwhelming anxiety and depression alone. The Out of Darkness Walk is a way to demonstrate through action our support for those who suffer and to encourage people to seek assistance,” stated school psychologist Jeb Flegle.

The turnout at Baker Park this morning was unbelievable; people from different towns in our county and outside of it came to show their support for someone they know who is struggling, someone they have lost, or even themselves.

“I think that mental health is a very important cause that is not always talked about that often. I think it is good that there is such a big group of people here to support today,” senior Anna McClatchie said.

“I think this is a great cause. I lost a friend to suicide and I think mental health is under talked about and we need to bring more awareness to it,” history teacher Adreanne Vallee commented.

This walk brought together friends, family, and our community. I walked for my friends and family who have and still are suffering. I feel that in someway I helped change someone’s life.