Physics Teacher Steven Hensley Shares His Favorites and Talks About the Start of His WHS Career

by Jessica Bentley

With the many new additions to the school, WHS welcomes new science teacher Steven Hensley.

Hensley teaches the following courses:

  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • Physics of Earth and Space Merit
  • Algebra Based Physics
  • Physics 1 Honors

Similar to most teachers, Hensley has a favorite class to teach. Currently his favorite class is “AP Physics, but ABP and Physics 1 Honors will likely be fun as well.”  

Hensley studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for his B.S. in Physics with a Mathematics minor. He also received his B.S. in Education with an Educational Psychology minor.

Hensley has been teaching for five years. “I started in after school music programs at Homer Center School District,” Hensley commented. He continued saying, “Teaching made me decide to teach! I tried it out being a marching band instructor, and loved it!”

Every teacher has a favorite aspect about teaching that they love, for Hensley it is, “When a student has a ‘light bulb’ moment. Where students have an epiphany, and make connections.” Many teachers enjoy when they see something click in a student’s mind and they know that the students are understanding what is going on in class.

Of course as with anyone else teachers have a life outside of school. Hensley enjoys many different activities. “When not teaching I love instructing and writing music for marching band and indoor percussion ensembles. [I also enjoy] camping, road tripping, and gaming.”

It is always interesting to see what a teacher would be doing if they were not a teacher. “If I was not a teacher I would be an astrophysicist, or related type of astronomical researcher.”

There are so many classes that would be awesome to teach and take. Hensley has a few classes he wished he could have the opportunity to teach. “If I could teach another class I would say I’d like to teach AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, or Philosophy (which I don’t believe is offered but would be fun).”

Hensley continued explaining why he wishes to teach AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, “AP C: E&M is the 2nd part of the AP C course and covers material that is vital to an aspiring engineer or physicist’s continuing education. Colleges offer this class, but it is at a very high level, and very challenging when it is the first time students are exposed to that material. I hope to teach that E&M course to ease that transition for those students who choose to major in fields requiring further coursework in electronics and magnetism.”

“I would also love to teach philosophy because I enjoy the way it challenges people’s perceptions and opinions, and forces them to really think about their own thinking and biases,” Hensley added about a possibility of a philosophy class.

Hensley seems really excited to be teaching at WHS and has different ideas he would love to implement here. Be sure to stop in and say hello.