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Piercings Are a Statement and Often Tell a Story

by Madison Miller

The one piercing you see on almost everybody is the regular first hole ear piercing.  Most females have at least one piercing in their lobe, and males are beginning to join the trend and get the popular piercing.  It is estimated that 72% of the pierced population are women nowadays.  Piercings are a fun way of expressing yourself, and they’re not something permanent that you’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives if you decide you don’t like them in the future. [1]

Special Education Teacher Tamara Bane had more of a personal reason for getting the piercings that she has.  “My daughter and I got them done together.  My daughter talked me into it because she wanted to get it and it was my 50th birthday gift.  I like piercings when they are tasteful, but I don’t like it as much when people overdo it and get a lot. I like my piercings a lot because it’s definitely something my daughter and I bond over,” she explained. Getting piercings and tattoos when there is a personal reason behind them is always a good idea. You won’t regret them later.

Junior Emily Fletcher has a tongue piercing, and a variety of ear piercings.  Her reasoning behind her wanting those piercings were more for herself.  She said, “I liked the way it looked on people I knew and it was just something I really wanted to get.  I don’t think that teens getting piercings is a phase because I started getting cartilage piercings in middle school. I really like them, so I’m sure it will continue.  I plan on getting a lot more as soon as I’m 18.”  

Junior Chianne Downing wanted to step out of her comfort zone. “I’ve always wanted piercings and have thought they looked really cool since I was young. I want to continue getting piercings in the future and [keep] going more into my comfort zone.”  Junior Molly Lynch has a total of 10 piercings, varying from her face to her ears.  She said, “I started getting piercings as a way to express myself and it might be a phase, but I do plan on getting more in the future.”  

For most, the most prominent reason behind piercings is to express themselves and go out of their comfort zone. Sometimes, but not often, you’ll find someone that has meaning behind a certain piercing.  Everybody has a reason behind their piercings, whether it be personal or just wanting to do something they’re not used to doing.



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