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PRIDE Committee Already Has Over 350 Pride Cards Distributed to WHS Students and Faculty

by Valerie Coleman

This is the second year that PRIDE Committee has been a club at Walkersville High School. The PRIDE Committee recognizes students who are Prepared, Respectful, Invested, Driven, and Exemplary.

Last year, WHS acknowledged the need to recognize and appreciate exemplary students with PRIDE cards. These cards promote involvement in the school and recognition of exemplary students throughout nominations. Each nominator and nominee is entered into a drawing in an effort to win prizes and awards. This process allows students to recall kind actions brought upon by their peers.

During the ceremony for Academic Excellence, Principal Tracey Kibler based her speech on the importance of being genuine and kind towards one another in this world that sometimes can be harsh and cruel. Once students were recognized for their academic achievement, Kibler handed out a PRIDE card to every student. Not only did this promote the organization, but it guaranteed that someone was remembered for their positive actions throughout the school.

English teacher Michele Gill, the director of PRIDE Committee, said “We have had a huge number of cards submitted so far this year. We have had 389 cards delivered. Of those, 326 were written by students. Our goal is to improve school culture and continue to make our school a more positive place and PRIDE cards are a tangible way to encourage each other. We are truly on the right track to really improve our goal.”

Junior Megan Doster stated, “Breana Storey and I are the co-chairman of PRIDE Committee. We collect and sort the yellow slips of paper that are distributed throughout the school. At the end of the week, we draw three winners to be announced on Monday. I think this is beneficial for our school because these PRIDE cards are reminders of how others appreciate your hard work during school and even within sports.”

Senior McKenzie Nugent added, “The PRIDE Committee is a great way to get the school involved as one. I love when I get a card written and delivered to me. It is always nice seeing who recognizes and appreciates all you do around the school, or just in general.”

The PRIDE Committee is an excellent club that promotes positivity and leadership throughout Walkersville High School. With PRIDE cards, students are appreciated and recognized for being prepared, respectful, invested, driven, and exemplary.