Red To Release Hard-Hitting Sixth Album Gone

by Sanders Jett-Folk

Tomorrow, two time Grammy-nominated, Nashville based rock band Red will release their highly anticipated sixth studio album, Gone.

The album is a follow-up to 2015’s Of Beauty And Rage, which hit #14 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. [1] In 2016, the band released a 10th anniversary edition of their Gold-certified debut album End Of Silence, and toured across the United States in support of it. [2]

Many of Red’s prior albums centered around religious themes, and the band has consistently performed at Christian music festivals and topped Christian music charts. Gone may change that. In an interview with NewReleaseToday, Red’s guitarist Anthony Armstrong said, “We’re probably going to stray away from the Christian market a little bit and go back into the general market realm where we started.” [3]

Lyrically, the band has always talked about the darker side of the human experience and the emotions that come with it. Genre-wise, the band has been described as alternative metal, nu metal and post-grunge. [4] They’ve been compared to other bands in their genre, including Skillet, Starset and Breaking Benjamin, the latter of which they toured with earlier this year. Of Beauty And Rage had many orchestral moments that are lacking in Gone, for better or worse. Gone is produced by Rob Graves, who produced every Red album except for 2013’s Release The Panic, and has also produced albums for bands such as Starset and All That Remains. [5]

Several stellar tracks have already been released from Gone. The album’s lead single “Still Alive” is a fiery, energetic song that asks the question of why people need to face the hardships that they do in life, with vocalist Michael Barnes’ voice soaring in the chorus while he sings and screams “I’m still alive (What’s it all for?)” The song features powerful drum work from Joe Rickard and enthralling guitars from Armstrong.

Another song released from the album, “Losing Control,” more closely resembles the musicianship seen on Of Beauty And Rage. Low, chugging guitars from Armstrong, backed by bass work from his twin brother Randy, gives the song a dark but strong feel. The song lyrically describes how a person can easily lose control of a difficult situation and fail to recover from it.

The last song released so far, the album’s title track “Gone,” is lyrically similar to some of the band’s earliest material, but also features new electronic elements and brief moments that give the song an almost dance-pop feel. While some fans are rather indifferent to the song, it continues to feel like a proper Red song, with the lyrics talking about how the world will be when he is gone and how the world will think of him after his life. Barnes sings in the chorus “When I’m gone, when I fade away, is the air I breathe my only legacy?”

Previews of every other song from Gone have been released on Red’s social media pages, including the heavy opener “Step Inside The Violence” and “Unstoppable,” which is a cover of a Sia song. The only other cover they’ve ever recorded was the Duran Duran song “Ordinary World.” That cover was on Red’s 2009 sophomore album Innocence & Instinct.

Junior Danny Morris said “I think the new musical direction is cool, but I thought Of Beauty and Rage was their best album yet. I wish they stuck with that sound; it was a cool album.”

Junior Ben Tekin said “This may be their best album yet. ‘Still Alive’ is a really great song. I loved the preview they posted of ‘Step Inside The Violence.’”

Sophomore Jason Escobar said “I haven’t really listened to a lot of Red aside from ‘Breathe Into Me,’ but this album may be worth listening to. It sounds pretty good.”

Gone can be pre-ordered on Apple Music and pre-saved to playlists on Spotify. Special pre-order bundles, including items such as signed CDs, limited edition t-shirts, hats and even mugs are available on the band’s PledgeMusic page. [6]