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Sam Driscoll Conquers County Golf Championship, Breaking the Scoring Record from 1987

by Eikaiva Boyer

photo by Tracey Kibler

Senior Sam Driscoll has made Walkersville history. Driscoll scored a 6 under 66 in the County Championships on the golf course Clustered Spires. Driscoll was under the pressure of 60 people all fighting for one spot, County Champion. “I had a feeling I was winning when I was on the last three holes. A whole bunch of photographers came up to me taking pictures of me. It was between me and this other guy. It was a good experience to get past him and win. I knew I had to stay focused, but I couldn’t be more happy,” commented Driscoll.

After the celebratory win, Driscoll’s family took him out to Texas Roadhouse and bought a handful of newspapers from the Frederick News Post since Driscoll was featured on the front cover. “We framed it too,” he said with a chuckle.

Driscoll has been playing golf as early as fifth grade, and always had his father by his side. “My dad was my coach for the County Championship and has been since I started.” When he first started golf, he and his dad would head over to to Glade Valley. “My dad’s not the best golfer,” Driscoll said with a laugh. Although, maybe not a champion, his dad would practice with Driscoll three times a week, “and that has never stopped.”

Driscoll originally started with the sport baseball, but quickly got tired of it, so he made the switch over to golf. “It was more of like a grind, you know — you’re never [going to] be perfect,” he said.

Driscoll has plans to attend Hood College to play golf. “Since they’re a D3 school, I can’t really get an athletic scholarship, but I’m sure we’ll work something out,” he commented.

In the tournament districts Driscoll’s freshman year, he didn’t win, which surprised him, “I thought I was really good at the time.” But this was Driscoll’s motivation, “Ever since I got better and better.”

Next Tuesday is the CMC County’s tournament, meaning Driscoll and five other teams will be competing. Then two weeks later, October 24th, is the State competition at College Park. “I’m a little nervous because the players are a little better,” but we all know that Driscoll has already made history at Walkersville High School for shooting a 66 and breaking the record score at the County Championship from 1987.