Saturday Night Live Host Gal Gadot Hosts a Wonderous Show


by Molly Lewing

After a strong season opener Saturday Night Live had another great episode with host Gal Gadot the star of summer blockbuster Wonder Woman which was the first DC Comics movie to score above a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes with a whopping 93%. [1]

Gadot was hilarious during her first time hosting, her monologue poked fun at the fact SNL writers stereotype Israeli culture since last Saturday was the first time Saturday Night Live was going to premiere live in Israel where Gadot is from. “I think it’s really cool that Saturday Night Live is now playing live for the first time when Gal Gadot is from Israel.” said junior Natalie Miller

The episode started with a performance from Jason Aldean, honoring the victims of the Las Vegas shooting last week instead of the usual opening sketch. “It was a moving performance and I think it honored the victims very well.” said sophomore Emily Goline. “I thought it was a really nice performance honoring all the people who died or were injured in the shooting.” said senior Felicity Borge.

The SNL writers touched on OJ Simpson being released from prison on parole last week with a funny sketch depicting Keenan Thompson as OJ Simpson and Gadot as a woman going on a blind date through a dating app. The other restaurant goers are disgusted and ask Gadot’s character why she’s going out with such a terrible man. Her friend even calls to make sure that “he isn’t a creep”. “ I thought that was so funny. At first I didn’t even realise that she was supposed to be on a date with OJ Simpson but when I got the joke I could not stop laughing.” said Miller.

We can definitely expect more great sketches from the writers of SNL so make sure you catch Kumail Nanjiani hosting next week with musical guest P!nk!