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Senior Class Club Working Hard for Homecoming

by Hannah Benson

This year we have a new class of seniors, the class of 2018. Many of them have been hard at work in the past weeks preparing for homecoming and the school year.

Seniors from the Senior Class Club have been focusing their attention to Homecoming. “It’s a great, but very busy, time of year,” science teacher Kate Boller stated. Senior MacKenzie Brannen remarked, “Right now we are working on stuff for homecoming. So we have a committee of people doing the wall, and we have some people doing the float.”

It is a tradition that each class club decorates a “wall,” including the parts of the Homecoming theme, class pride, the Homecoming football game, and so much more. Senior Keren Ott explained, “It’s chaotic but it’s really nice seeing everything work out in the end and look nice.”

Members of the class clubs also create a float to ride in for the Homecoming parade. Boller stated, “The parade is always fun for the whole community and it will be interesting to see if the floats are more festive this year with having Friday off of school.” “I am bringing a trailer and a truck [for the float],” senior Sarah Ibex commented.  

The senior class does have to choose their senior song, but the results have not been released yet. Senior Debbie Afolabi giggled, “The day that we were voting, they played the songs. People were just singing in the auditorium. It was funny!”

Right now, the Senior Class Club is focused on Homecoming, but will do all sorts of things the rest of the year. Afolabi exclaimed, “We are hoping that after homecoming that we can focus on fundraising and all of that. I think the senior class is starting off pretty good.”

“This is my first year as an advisor for the senior class, but I have been informed that being a part of the senior class is higher than it has ever been before,” Math teacher Mark Cronk explained.

The Senior Class Club has been extra busy and still has work coming. Many students and teachers are eager to see what the year has in store.