afbwoot 17 king and queen
Seniors Addie Robert and Josh Polce Honored To Be Named Homecoming Queen and King

by Valerie Coleman

On Friday, October 20th, the royal homecoming court was recognized and announced during halftime of the homecoming game. Each grades princess and prince walked across the field with their sash and full of excitement. After the entire senior court was recognized, the official king and queen were then announced.

The crowned Homecoming King and Queen for the seniors were Addie Robert and Josh Polce. They were rewarded with a crown, sash, and flowers. After all the pictures and excitement, Polce rejoined the team to finish the shutout against the Wooton Patriots.


WHSLionsPride: How does it feel to be the Homecoming King/Queen?

Robert: “It feels really good. I was extremely shocked.”

Polce: “It was a great experience to be chosen as king, and I am humbled to be chosen by my peers.”

WHSLP: Did you expect to win?

Robert: “No, I did not think I was going to win because I thought Kathy would.”

Polce: “I was thinking Biz [Kimani] was going to win, but I wasn’t completely sure.”

WHSLP: How was the dance?

Robert: “It was very fun and I had a really great time.”

Polce: “The dance was a really good time and I tried to make the most out of my last homecoming dance.”

WHSLP: Was it more exciting to attend the homecoming dance as the King/Queen?

Robert: “Yes, it was a lot more fun because more people noticed me and it was cool to have a dance that was dedicated to just Josh and I.”

Polce: “Yes, it was definitely an awesome opportunity to be the homecoming king and it made the dance more exciting and enjoyable.”

WHSLP: Why do you think you were chosen?

Robert: “I think I was chosen because I try to be positive and friendly to my classmates and always have a lot of school spirit.”

Polce: “I think people voted for me because I try my best to positively represent my school and community.”

WHSLP: Describe the feeling you felt when you were announced the Homecoming King/Queen.

Robert: “I was absolutely shocked. When I heard them say my name, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night because I felt honored to win.”

Polce: “I was excited to be recognized in front of an enthusiastic homecoming crowd.”

Senior Cameron Maxey said, “I think it was really cool that Addie and Josh won. I think that they are both genuine people and they deserved to win.”

Senior Skylar Boyer added, “I am good friends with Addie so I am extremely happy that her and Josh won. They both deserve to be recognized.”

Congratulations Addie and Josh!