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Seniors Dream of the Chance to Leave Campus for Open Lunch

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by Jessica Bentley

Many students attending WHS, especially seniors who can drive, would like to go out for lunch to one of the many places around the school. While this is not something the school allows for many reasons, one can still dream.

I would love to get lunch out, and I know other students would too. It is nice to get the food I want instead of having to pack food or buy food from the lunch line that I don’t want. There are more options, and with more restaurants opening around us like Chick Fil A, student’s options are growing.

“I would argue yes (seniors should be able to get to leave the school for lunch). Since the school lunches aren’t what everyone wants they could go somewhere else and get food they like. Also, sometimes it is hard to focus and get school work done during lunch because students are loud, and if kids wanted to they could go somewhere else and study and eat before they come back to school they should be allowed,” said senior Jonathan Rushbrook.

Although, there is an issue of time constraints. Students get 30 minutes for lunch. While close, Chick Fil A is still a bit of a stretch for 30 minutes. Even Sheetz, which is right next to us, can be difficult to order lunch from because of how long it takes to make food sometimes. There is a possible solution though. Everything these days is easily accessible on our mobile devices, and pretty much every business now has an app. Sheetz, Mcdonald’s, and Chick Fil A included. Students can order their food on the app before lunch, and then leave and pick it up and the food would be ready.

That would cut down on time. Another issue is which grades would get the privilege of getting off campus lunch. The only students who can drive are juniors and seniors, so that narrows down who can go. The other question is who is responsible enough to go. It could be a privilege for seniors because they already get privileges to leave the building. Such as: FCC classes and work study, so maybe it could be something special for seniors to have. The other issue administrators and teachers might bring up is people carpooling. FCC dual enrollment class rules are, only the students that are allowed to be off campus can leave. The same rule could apply to off campus lunch, only seniors can go to lunch, but they can’t bring a junior or lower class student with them, and that would cut down on the number of bodies leaving the school.

“I feel it should be a senior privilege. We’ve spent four years at this school, and half of us are in FCC, CTC, or don’t even have classes half the day,” said senior Parker Montour. Montour continued, “While I can understand the worry [that] students may not come back on time or abuse the use, they could treat it the way they treat FCC classes, [they] could have a sign out sheet and regulations. To further on my point, they could do something like students with no D’s or F’s can do off campus lunch. Treat it the same way they treat other school activities.”

Why should seniors have this privilege? It would give the seniors a chance to show they are responsible and that they can be trusted to leave and come back. It would also give them a taste of the freedom they will have in college and moving forward in life.

“I feel like we should be able to, but as a privilege for maybe upperclassmen,” commented senior Sydnie Grossnickle.

While open campus lunch is not an option for the students, we can still dream and wish it were, while we come up with ways to make it a reality.