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Should High School Students Be Allowed to Trick or Treat?

by Alex Hearn

It’s almost that time of the year again when kids all over the world walk around their neighborhoods and get candy for free…it’s Halloween! But this also brings up a bigger issue — should there be an age limit on how young you must be to trick or treat?   

Some towns have already gone on their way to ban trick or treating for kids 16 and older. The town of New Brunswick, Canada has passed a law that bans people who are 16 or older from trick or treating. It has also put a curfew of 8pm. The original law was passed in 2005, though it was slightly different and not enforced. [1] This isn’t the only town that has banned halloween for people considered too old. Towns in Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, and Virginia have also put a limit on age. [2]

There are many positives to having an age limit. First of all, there will be more candy for the younger kids, and older teenagers won’t be able to steal candy. It can make people feel more safe, as some people may feel intimidated opening their door and seeing a teenager who is taller or bigger than them.

Some negatives include that it would it could upset teenagers who enjoy trick or treating. This could cause some teens to rebel and do more damage to their neighborhood than if they didn’t have the rule. For many, it can help teenagers grow up, which may be difficult for them.  

Sophomore Daniel Hickel said, “I don’t think there should really be an age limit on trick or treating. I think it’s a fun activity for all kids.”

Sophomore Greg Dellamura stated “Halloween should have a minor age limit…like 16 or 17.”

Sophomore Michael Johnston commented “I think the age limit should be 18.” Johnston later followed up by saying “It would be kind of creepy for a 40 year old man to be going around the neighborhood ringing on peoples doors asking for candy.”

If you are still in high school, then you should be allowed to trick or treat, but at your own discretion. But once you graduate high school, or turn 18, then you should not be allowed to go trick or treating. This lets kids be able to grow up and have fun, but doesn’t let full grown adults ruin it.