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Snapchat or Instagram? Which App Is Better, and Why?

by Madison Miller

According to a study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix, the average person will spend five years of their lives on social media. [1] The study was based on what different forms of social media the average person uses everyday and how long they use those certain apps.

The time used on different apps added up to an extraordinary amount of five years in a single lifetime.  Among all the forms of social media, Snapchat is used 25 minutes a day and Instagram is used 15 minutes a day. [2] Obviously Instagram and Snapchat are two of today’s teens favorite apps, and we can see why: it’s attractive, it’s trendy.   

Some people like Instagram more for its concrete features, which are very different from Snapchat’s quick and easy purposes.  When asked what his favorite social media app was, junior Alex Barrera said, “Instagram definitely.  I like it because it’s more artsy and more permanent than Snapchat is.” Junior Jaken Campbell also likes the artsy side of Instagram, “I like Instagram more because I really enjoy posting my artsy things and I like meeting new people through the app.” “I enjoy Instagram more because the pictures stay there for longer and you can always go back and look at pictures that people have saved,” said junior Johnny Berkey.  “I like Instagram better because on Snapchat I get left on opened but on Instagram I can scroll through pictures endlessly,” commented sophomore Jazzmin Salters.

Instagram is a wonderful app because it’s more like an archive of pictures that you can always go back to. Some people like Snapchat more mainly because of the temporary and quick actions. “I prefer Snapchat over Instagram because I can talk to people during the day and have private messages,” said sophomore Mikey Stitely.  “Snapchat has more privacy features than Instagram. On Instagram anybody can see what you post, unless of course you make it on snapchat you could choose to send something to only one person.”

Sophomore Alyssa Kline added, “Snapchat is my favorite because all the things are temporary and it says if people screenshot it. Instagram is where you only post your best [pictures].”  It is true though, a majority of people I know only post their best pictures on Instagram, and leave Snapchat for their sillier side.  “I like snapchat more because I get to chat with all my friends and see what’s up,” said senior Dorian Rodriguez. For Media Center Specialist Cindy Doggett, she likes Snapchat more for personal reasons, “I use snapchat more, I like that you can take a quick video and send it out very quick. I send pictures and videos of my family’s dog to our daughter that no longer lives with us.”
Instagram is a wonderful app because it’s more like an archive of pictures that you can always go back to. For Snapchat however, photos do not last forever. It depends on the type of person you are, whether or not you like the idea of something permanent or temporary.  Everybody’s opinions vary on these two very different apps.  



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