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Store Bought Halloween Costumes Can Be Spectacular

by Marisa Flores

It’s Halloween and people are getting ready to get dressed up and celebrate one of their favorite holidays. Multiple types of costumes make appearances on Halloween night. But when people choose their costumes, do they prefer store bought costumes or homemade costumes?

“Store bought Halloween costumes look good, however, homemade costumes are usually more creative,” commented sophomore Jonny Gallien.

A lot of times students don’t always have the time to make a costume, so they opt for the easier option. Sophomore Kendra Bright quoted “Store bought Halloween costumes are better [than homemade costumes] because you can get them at the last minute without worrying.”

Just because homemade costumes are called “home” made doesn’t mean they are completely made at home. People also spend money on the resources to make their designated outfit. And at times, that can be just as expensive as buying a brand new costume. “Store bought Halloween costumes can be nice if you are in a rush. They can be cheap and not last long but work for a one time thing. Homemade costumes can be either nice and easy or take a long time to create. But the outcome usually turns out a lot better than store bought costumes. Also going to a party and getting ‘Your costume is amazing, Where did you get it?’ and replying with ‘I made it’ gets a way better reaction than ‘I bought it at Walmart’,” noted sophomore Reily Aitken.

For the most part, at Walkersville at least, most people prefer store bought costumes. Senior Zeeshan Shaikh said “[I prefer] homemade [costumes] because store bought is crazy and jank.” “I personally don’t like store bought costumes because of the price. The price can be outrageous at somme points, plus all the props you have to get with them because if you don’t have them you feel as if you’re missing important parts of the costume,” added freshman Nick Reiser.

Spanish teacher Loyda Lugo-Goff commented “Store bought Halloween costumes are too expensive for something that will be worn for a couple of hours. I always find costumes that are put together at home tend to be better, funnier, and cuter.” Junior Jackson Larimore also said “[Store bought costumes] are great, it makes things easy and fun, but at the same time, if they have a functional part like a flashlight or a pump for blood or something like that, it is always junk. [It’s] still fun though.”

Store bought Halloween costumes are great! They can be cheap, good quality, and a good option if you’re in a pickle, but they don’t give the proud feeling you get when you make your own costume. They also don’t express the person wearing it nearly as much as homemade costumes do. Therefore, most people prefer homemade costumes.