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Stranger Things Season 2 Welcomes Viewers Back to Hawkins, Indiana

by Jacob Hojnacke

Stranger Things Season 2 is out and it is spectacular. We leave off with the Demogorgon being destroyed and Eleven along with it. We see Hopper leave with the “bad men” and him placing Eggos in a crate out in the forest in hopes that El is still alive out there, somewhere. Steve and Nancy are still together and they buy Jonathan a new camera; we also see Mike mourning the loss of Eleven, but most importantly we see Will with his family enjoying Christmas dinner, until he has to go to the bathroom, then proceeds to throw up a slug and flashes to the upside down.

Now we return to Hawkins, Indiana during Halloween. But before all that we see a police chase, with no one we know, it’s not even at Hawkins. It’s in Illinois, except during the chase, one of the crooks pulls a trick, and allows the gang to get away, then she bleeds from the nose and we see her pull up her sleeve and reveal the number 8.

Then we proceed to go into Hawkins, where everything is festive in Halloween spirit. But something mysterious is going on with the pumpkins, so our favorite police chief is on the job. While that’s going on, we see the gang of boys together, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, all playing Dig Dug at the arcade. But then Will has this episode where he has visions of the upside down. But I digress, so you will have to watch it for yourself.

The story had me on my knees wanting more, the plot was amazing, and the character development form last season to now is incredible; we get to see, new relationships with, Lucas and Dustin, Mike and Will, Joyce and new character named Bob who I love, Nancy and Jonathan, Nancy and Steve who has become less of a jerk and more of a likeable character which I enjoyed seeing, Steve and Dustin, and Hopper and… well, that’s a surprise, and let’s not forget the love triangle between Lucas, Dustin and new character Max.

The overlooming bad guy was a little underwhelming, but the army he had was a great addition. Peyton Vance agreed with me “The spider like thing was kinda cheesy.” This season was mainly about evolution and coming together and the season finale did just that, all of the characters alongside one another after all of them have these, side quests with certain groups. They also added the character Billy who acted as a human antagonist who caused problems for the group. Billy acted much like Steve in season one but was more psychotic. The season finale left me wanting more and eager to watch next season. Ben Armogida thought on the season were “I thought season two was more spooky and I like what happens to Will.”

Overall if you enjoyed the first season you will love the second season, as it’s filled with the same suspense and thrill as last season and has the quirky jokes from the boys. Season two filled plot holes and expanded the story of Hawkins in such a great way, any fan of sci-fi will enjoy.