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Students Need More Sleep To Work Better at School

by Jalyn Jones

Should there be more hours in  the day? Or should the question be, should there be more hours at night to sleep?

“More hours of sleep is good because you can be fully rested,” said senior Tyler Knott.  By having more hours of night means more time to be considered “down time.” This is the time to get ready for the next day and sleep. You could also think of that as the late afternoon. But when you go to sleep you don’t say “good afternoon”, you say “goodnight.” Lots of people are very busy throughout the day and all they want to do is go home and go to bed.

If we were to shift the times of day, it could also affect some jobs in some ways. For example: If the definition of night was set to 5pm, those who work a night shift would have to go in even earlier. Others have jobs that start early in the day and still don’t sleep until later that night.

“There should be more hours of sleep so you can get more rest and feel better throughout the day,” said senior Dalton Nichols. If there were to be more hours at night it would lessen the day time.

We can’t change the speed of the earth’s rotation or change the lighting to say when it’s officially “nighttime”, or add one more hour to the 24 hour rotation. Just knowing that it’s night time might be a little less stressful for some. You could consider what we call the afternoon, night, however night time is considered between 10 pm and 3:59 am. [1] Senior Quanai McClain felt, “There should be more hours at night so you can sleep more, but time is relative so whether you want to or not it doesn’t matter.”

People can also suffer from  insomnia, which makes it hard to sleep at a reasonable time. Having more hours of night time would help insomniacs. Then again extending what we call “night time” may not help for sleep because people still wake up tired.



[1] https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/220743/what-time-is-considered-day-and-night