Surprise Homecoming Proposals Popping Up All Over WHS

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by Addie Robert

Homecoming is only a few days away so that means proposals are happening all over the place. Whether you get asked by friends or a significant other, being asked is always great feeling. If you are the one asking another person, the process of thinking of a way to ask and putting it together can be  extremely nerve wracking.   

“With my boyfriend, Jack graduating last year, I knew I had the responsibility of asking him to homecoming this year even though he already knew he had to come. As the dance got closer and closer I realized I was running out of time to ask him, but I wanted it to be cute, meaningful, and something we could both look back on,” senior Mackenzie Wright stated.

“I’m sure everyone has seen those surprise paintings that couples do for each other while sitting across the table and keeping the final result a surprise until the end, and that was kind of my inspiration for the pumpkin I made. I initially suggested we decorate pumpkins together with that idea in mind but Jack didn’t really want to do that. So instead, I decorated a pumpkin for him as a “gift.” I made one side of it look just like a regular decorated pumpkin with polka dot glitter and when I handed it to him that’s the side I faced towards him. When he turned around the pumpkin it said “HOCO?” in big glitter letters. It didn’t take me long at all to make it but I think the surprise on his face and the actual gift of the pumpkin made the whole thing worth it,” Wright concluded.

Junior Allison Hope said, “I was really surprised and kinda nervous because he asked in front of a bunch of people at lunch, I was happy though — it was really sweet.”

Junior Emily Pezenosky said “When I got asked I was really surprised. It was so cute and thoughtful. It made me really happy.”

As you can see students really love being asked to homecoming. Hope everyone has a fun and safe time.