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Taming of the Shrew Auditions Have Students Excited To Get Their Shakespeare On

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Auditions for the annual Shakespeare Play began Thursday October 26th and end on Oct 27th, a small window for so much potential.

The auditions are being held by English Teacher Diana Sung in the auditorium after school. Auditioners will be performing soliloquies from the play The Taming of the Shrew.

Sung said the play “is a really silly comedy” that “has a lot of mistaken identities and people being horrible to each other” in it.

This year Sung is doing an experiment where she casts roles that are race and gender blind “to push a theme of theatricality.” It sounds like an interesting twist and should make for a good time for viewers.

Sung is tremendously excited for the auditions because this year there is an amazing cast to chose from and an experienced tech crew to run the play. Both of which feature students that have been around for two or three years working in theatre.

The cast for the play will be announced later this week. “Monday or Tuesday at the latest” commented Sung.

Student director Jayla Pollock says Sung’s plan is “really interesting. The way she’s casting is [going to] be really fun.”

As a student Director, Jayla Pollock is responsible for running rehearsals while Sung is gone and making sure the cast has their lines down and portrays their character properly. She has already student directed three plays last year and feels that the transition to director was really natural. “There’s more expression in directing,” she said.

Students have been preparing for their auditions by reading over poems and practicing the soliloquies that they will be performing during the audition.

“I’m excited to do my monologue because I’ve worked really hard on it,” said sophomore Emerson Kelley. “I think I’ll do well” she said. Kelley has read multiple Shakespeare books and is familiar with the play she is auditioning for. It is no wonder she feels confident she’ll make do well during her audition.

Sophomore Erika Long is excited “to see how it turns out.” She has also been preparing for her audition by memorizing her dialogue. She is also excited for Sung’s plan for the play.

Pollock said “Everyone should come see it. It’s [going to] be really good.” Show dates will be announced soon. Good luck to all auditionees and future cast members!