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Teachers Get In the Spirit of Halloween With Their Take on the Harry Potter Characters

by Ashley Terry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween! Seniors were allowed to dress up and arrive to school in stylish and goofy costumes. Teachers have also taken advantage of the tradition and have dressed up too. This year, the English and special education departments dressed up as characters from the famous series, Harry Potter.

English teacher Jessica Bowers gave an insight into the preparation that went into today, “It took a couple weeks to plan and decide who would be the most appropriate character. Harry Potter is the best.” Bowers portrayed Harry Potter.

History teacher Andi Vallee was Cho Chang, “It was brought up by Mrs. Marsh and was expanded by Mrs. Cichocki.”

Library Media Specialist Cindy Doggett was Ted Tonks. “I had to go to two different Goodwill’s to get the pieces. I was so excited to dress up. Debbie (senior Deborah Afolobi) raided the theatre prop closet. I had to go to Off Broadway to get my boots. I have Dumbledore’s wand but I’m not Dumbledore so I used a stick as my wand.”

“Things at Walkersville High School are worse than I feared,” said Professor Umbridge portrayed by English teacher Michele Gill. “I had so much fun getting ready for this. I ordered cat plates for my wall but they didn’t arrive in time. It’s really fun being a scary character. I personally feel that Umbridge is scarier than Voldemort. She’s too real. I can’t wait for next year,” added Gill.

The brains behind the organization of today’s attire is special education teacher Lara Cichocki. “Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Gill were talking about dressing up as characters from Harry Potter. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I was so inspired by it that I wanted the staff to join in. It took about a week and a half to organize. We have a Bellatrix but Mrs. Booher was in a meeting this morning.” Cichocki portrayed Luna Lovegood.

The staff really hit it out of the park this year. Be sure to take a look at their costumes ask you walk through the hallway. Happy Halloween!