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The Eternal Homecoming Dilemma – Should You Go with a Group, or Bring a Date?

by Jalyn Jones

With homecoming being at the end of this month, there’s a decision to be made for anybody who’s going: to bring a date or go with a group.

“Going with a group is more fun because you can dance with everyone, where if you went with a date you’d have to dance and be with them all night,” said junior Dayah Scott.

There is also an option for students 9-12 who attend a different school to attend this dance. “Going with a date to homecoming is better because it’ll make you feel better,” said senior Ornella Sankeu.

There are many other important decisions as far as what to wear, how to wear your hair, and activities before and after the dance. People in relationships tend to go with each other. People also go as friends, or just go to go and have fun with their friends. Bringing a date also means discussing what is going to be worn if you’re going to be matching.

Any homecoming has a theme,and  this year the theme is disco; however some people just go with the flow and pick out something they want to wear or something they picked out before the theme was selected. “Going with a group is better because if you go with someone you can only hang out [and] are expected to be with that one person the whole time and may not have as much fun,” said sophomore Jasmine Ling.

Overall many people say that going to homecoming without a date is a better way to have fun even though it can come with a homecoming proposal like they do for prom and cute pictures. However going with a date is fun, but to some there can be some stress added. It is very different from going to prom with a date because it is expected.