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There Are Many Great Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkin

by Hannah Benson

Halloween is the perfect time to brighten your porch steps with a pumpkin, but how will you decorate it?

Everyone loves decorating pumpkins, but every single design is unique. Some people love carving a traditional face, while others bedazzle pumpkins with sequins.

The first, a more traditional way, is to carve a pumpkin. Some like the original face on a pumpkin, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. It can still be personalized with different characteristics, and features. But, disregarding the simple face outline can open a world of pumpkin carving possibilities. Some amazing ideas include sculpting spider webs, monsters, animals, and flowers.

“It’s pretty fun — you have to do some interesting designs,” remarked sophomore Amelia Olsen.

“Carving a pumpkin is usually cheaper. Almost everyone has a knife,” sophomore Chelsea Long stated.

Sophomore Zoie Higgs commented, “I am really lazy, so I don’t really think I have the effort to do it, but it’s cool if you are an artist and stuff.”

But why cut into a pumpkin’s slimy guts, when you only have to decorate the outside? Crafters, and mothers commonly ask themselves this question. That’s why some just skip carving and just decorate the outside of the pumpkin, however they want.

Parents of young kids commonly turn to washable paint, or stickers to use on pumpkins. To get paint to stick to the pumpkins better, create a half and half mixture of school glue and your desired paint. [1] Adults and teenagers add glitter or different textures to paint for a more mature flare.

(Pumpkins) tend to decay very quickly, and it doesn’t last very long. (I prefer) Painting, because it lasts significantly longer,” senior Tyler Brust stated.

Olsen declared, “I think painting pumpkins is personally stupid, because they are pumpkins. You are supposed to carve them. The tradition is, you carve a pumpkin, you put a little light in it. So you can ward off evil spirits. How is an evil spirit going to be scared away from a painted pumpkin?”

Also, pumpkins aren’t limited to just Halloween. People buy, and make pumpkin decorations for Thanksgiving, and even Christmas.

“That is really weird, they need to stop. Pumpkins are gourds and gourds grow in the fall time, not December,” Olsen remarks.

Pumpkins are the perfect way to show Halloween spirit, no matter what someone decides to do with it.



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