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US Soccer Fails to Qualify for the World Cup

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The US men’s soccer team will not qualify for next year’s world cup for the first time since 1986.

The US lost two matches prior to their defeat to Trinidad and Tobago already leaving them in a tough spot, but it seems they just couldn’t pull it out in the end. [1]

Moreover, Panama won its game against Costa Rica and Honduras came back to beat Mexico. This placed the US in fifth place on the six nation final round of the North, Central and caribbean America region final. [1]

It is even more embarrassing for the US men’s team, because Trinidad is ranked at 99, while the US is ranked at 28. [1] It is a very disappointing turn in events for all US fans especially considering the team’s poor performance overall.  

Hopefully this loss will act as a wake up call for the team and drive them to do better in the next season. Maybe this is the opportunity they need to rest and get better, after all failure only fuels the spirit to pursue success.  

In the meantime, US fans will surely be disappointed that they won’t be seeing their team competing in the world cup this year.

“Whatever I guess. I guess I won’t be watching the world cup,” said senior Mitchell Brown in disappointment.  

“The US is some booty. I’m not surprised,” said senior Garrett Broadhurst.

Senior Nathaniel Ford felt “The reason why they lost is because they’re crap. They need to learn to get better to get through next year.”

While it is a disappointing loss, it seems like fans understood that the team losing was a huge possibility. It’s a shame that that loss had to be so early on in the competition. Hopefully the US will use their time out of the world cup to get better at the sport.