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Wacky Tacky Day Brings Out the Crazy Attire In WHS Students

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by Andrew Mori

It’s the second day of spirit week and everyone is looking Wacky. Wacky Tacky day is when everyone wears whatever they want and it doesn’t have to match at all.

I asked some students what they thought of wacky tacky day.

Junior Alexis Gagnon said “I like it because I get to wear a random outfit that’s funny and doesn’t match at all”.

Senior Ethan Parrish said “It lets the students let loose and wear whatever they want, it’s a lot of fun”.

Sophomore Destiny Simms said “I love it because you can wear whatever you want and look funny”.

Sophomore Gabby Collins said “I like it because it shows school spirit and you can look dumb and no one can say anything”.

Junior Brianna Francis said “I like it but it would be more fun it more people did it, it a little over done because we do it every year”.

Junior Anthony Calderon said “I think it’s pretty fun because people can wear whatever they want”.

Senior Corrie Jones said “I love it because it’s a great way to show school spirit and everyone can dress funny and it doesn’t have it doesn’t have to match at all”.

Sophomore Julie Angulo said “Its very funny because you can mix match your clothes and it doesn’t matter at all, today I wore different shoes my mom’s pants and a sports bra over my shirt”.

Today showed good spirit and everyone had fun dressing up in funny clothes and mix and matching. Spirit week will continue with Wayback Wednesday, class shirt Thursday.