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Wayback Wednesday 2017 Provides WHS with a Blast from the Past

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by Marisa Flores

Way Back Wednesday has returned to WHS for yet another fun filled spirit week. On this homecoming spirit day, students dress up in nostalgic looks from past decades.

Not only did a lot of kids dress up, but they also had a lot to say about this spirit day.

Most kids go all out for homecoming spirit week. Some wear their own clothes, some borrow clothes from others, and some even buy new clothes. Senior Haylie Petrosky said “It was really fun raiding my grandma’s closet.”

“I liked the fact that I could get away with wearing gogo boots in this decade and get praised for it,” said sophomore Avonleigh Broadhurst.

Although WHS students love spirit week, some also have suggestions for next year’s spirit week. “I think it’s the best one. They should be more creative. [Next year we should] do [something] like superhero Friday,” suggested senior Kailey Johnson.

There were a lot of good outfits for Wayback Wednesday but unfortunately the turnout wasn’t as large as possible. Freshman Jaden Bryan said “Barely anyone participated, it’s cool though.” “I think since not very many people participated it is not a very good choice of a spirit day,” added junior Alex Knott.

Although the number of participants isn’t very large, the number of experiences being made due to Wayback Wednesday is infinite. Sophomore Maddie Lancaster said “It is super fun to be able to kind of get a sense of what people used to wear. As long as you remember to change after school it is really fun.” Senior Edgar Russell added “It’s really neat to see the culture and the interpretations on the 80’s and 90’s.”

“It’s cool to see all the different outfits,” said sophomore Sierra Few.

Today was full of outfits spanning from every moment in time. And spirit week isn’t over yet! Don’t forget to wear your class colored shirts for Thursday.