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What Is the Best Neighborhood to Trick Or Treat In Around Walkersville?

by Alex Hearn

Trick or Treating is a yearly event that kids and teens both participate in. But different neighborhoods give different amounts of candy. So which neighborhood is the best for trick or treating  near us?

There are multiple types of neighborhoods around the Walkersville High School area. Each neighborhood has their pros and cons, but some are better than others.

I will be judging each neighborhood on different things. I will look at the average income, average real estate prices and personal experience from me and other people who I quote.

The first neighborhood I will look at is Dearbought. Dearbought has a median income of $119,050 dollars. [2] 69% of the neighborhood is college educated.The median age is 39. [1]The average real estate price is 280,000 dollars.[2] Sophomore Conor White told me, “Dearbought is great. A bunch of rich people live there and they give out good candy.”

The next neighborhood I looked at was Wormans Mill. Wormans Mill has an average income of $89,107 and an average median real estate price of 371,500 dollars. The median age is 48. 61% of homeowners have a college education[3].From personal experience, I know that this neighborhood is pretty good, and most of the homes are townhouses so you can go to house to house quickly. Most houses also give out decent to good candy.

Sun Meadows in a neighborhood around two miles away from Walkersville. Its average real estate price is around 430,000 dollars. [4] Out of all the neighborhoods, Sun Meadows was the hardest to find information about. Sophomore Eric Bain informed me, “The neighborhood is pretty okay. People are kind of cheap with the candy.” I would have to agree him.

The last neighborhood I will do is Walkersville. The median real estate price is 304,000 dollars, the average age is 41 and the average income is 89,000 dollars. [5] Sophomore Nick Madsen told me, “Trick or Treating in the City of Walkersville isn’t too bad, though it’s not the richest community.”

In my opinion the best neighborhood for trick or treating is Wormans Mill, but I might have a bit of a bias because I live there. But throughout my research I have determined that all the neighborhoods in Walkersville are pretty good, so go to whichever one you like the most.


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