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What Is the Favorite Candy of Walkersville High School Students?

by Andrew Mori

It is that time of year again when the leaves fall off the trees and the weather changes. Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday because kids get to dress up as their favorite character and walk around and receive whole lot of free candy. But what is everyone’s favorite Halloween candy?

Junior Christina Corchado said,  “My favorite candy are Kit Kats because I love chocolate and it’s crunchy.”

Sophomore Destiny Simms said, “My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids because I like sour candy.”
Sophomore Gabby Collins said, “Gummy bears [are my favorite] because they are sweet and colorful.”

Junior Myah Francisco said, “Sour Patch Kids because I like sour candy and it has different flavors.”

Sophomore Leigha Pagliochini said, “I like Reese’s because it has chocolate and peanut butter.”

Senior Hannah Rice added, “I like Reese’s Pieces because it has a crunchy outside and a nice soft peanut butter inside that melts in your mouth when you bite into it.”

Junior Cordell Thompson said, “My favorite candy are Baby Bottle Pops because they [are a]  hard candy and you can dip that into the powder so it has more flavor.”

Junior Jalen Crist said, “I love Sour Patch Kids because they have different flavors and it’s a sour candy [so] those are the best. They also have different kinds like the watermelon ones.”

Junior Manasseh Laryea said, “The best candy is Kit Kats because it has a chocolate outside and a crunchy inside and they also have the white chocolate ones too.”

Senior Noah Sadler said, “My all time favorite candy are Butterfinger’s because it has a chocolate outside and a flakey inside.”

Sophomore Jake Hess said, “I like Reese’s because I love chocolate and peanut butter.”

No matter what your favorite candy is you have to love Halloween because you just get free candy.