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WHS Students Already Planning Their Halloween Costumes

by Noah Lind

Halloween is just around the corner and Walkerville’s wonderful students are preparing to be as spooky as possible to hit the streets and eat some candy.

“I plan on being Pennywise this year for Halloween with the new It movie coming out. I was inspired to do something cool with it. I’ve always been a fan of Stephen King and I loved the original, so I think it’d be cool to remake the new clown and put my own spin on it,” said junior Brianna Francis.

Clowns are a great option for looking as spooky as possible to scare as many small children as possible, if that’s the goal.

“I’m gonna be a sexy cop because I plan on pursuing a career in law enforcement. I’ve wanted to be a cop since I was in eighth grade and because I think I’m handsome,” said junior Carter High.

If being attractive is your goal then going with a sexy costume is probably the best move you can make for yourself.

“I think I’m gonna wear a [scandalous] kitten because it’s easy to put together and cute at the same time,” said junior Megan Allen. A lot of people tend to go after costumes that make themselves look better, which isn’t a bad idea, but a good old scary costume is great because scaring people is so fun and more exciting than just looking good.

“I think I’m gonna be a witch because I find witches really interesting by the way they act and they just look cool,” said sophomore Kasie Ogwulu. A lot of people tend to go for more scandalous outfits on this holiday which seems to lean away a bit from the Holliday’s purpose, which is to be as scary as possible!

Halloween is a great time to show off your uniqueness and find some really cool costumes and things to wear for this spooky Holiday.