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WHS Students Enjoying Playing Smash Brothers In a Club After School

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Smash Club begins again with the new school year. They are holding sessions on Thursdays after school until 3:30 in English teacher John Van Bloem’s room.

Smash Club, as the name entails, is a club based on the game Super Smash Bros. Students bring their own handheld DS and compete with each other to test their skills in the game.

“We play Smash Bros on Thursday until 3:30. Smash Club is a good way for people to unite and have fun,” said senior Micheal Pue.

Super Smash Bros is a fighting game made by Nintendo, but the version the students play during the club is the handheld DS version. The students connect to each others devices, and then play through a variety of game modes, whether that be head to head, team battles, or a battle royale.

The Smash Club has taken on more members since last year, which only had three members that regularly attended. “It’s much bigger now,” said senior Donald Lynn. The roster for signing up for Smash Club was a couple pages full this year, which will hopefully increase the attendance for the overall club sessions.

Smash Club offers the opportunity for students to enjoy themselves after school and participate in a group activity that offers skills in competition and coordination. “It’s fun playing a party game,” said senior Jay Liens, “and sometimes I win.”

Clubs in general are a good way to participate in the community and connect with other students; and Smash club provides an air of competition on top of that. It gets the mind moving, as well as improves teamwork and it’s also an extracurricular activity.

 If you are thinking about joining the club then show up on Thursdays after school in Van Bloem’s room and ask if you can join the club.