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WHS Students Express Themselves by Wearing Clever T-shirts

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by Marisa Flores

Every school has a dress code. Every school have rules that must be followed. But just because we can’t wear certain things, does not mean that we can’t express ourselves through our clothes.

Everyone expresses themselves in some way or form. Some express themselves through how they act, what they say, through hobbies (such as art), and even what they wear.

This week WHS students wore funny t-shirts in order to express creativity and humor.

“I like my shirt because it’s colorful. I use it to express myself because it’s weird like me,” said sophomore Natalia Janus.

Sophomore Amanda Bounds wore one of her favorite shirts, “I like this shirt because it’s how I feel. I wear it so people know that I love weekends. I like funny t-shirts because they make me and other people laugh, and put a smile on other people’s faces.”

Some people wear shirts based on opinions, while others may wear shirts based on subjects that interest them. When regarding his Star Wars shirt, sophomore Liam Day said, “I got the shirt for Christmas shortly after seeing the movie. Fortunately, I really liked the movie.”

People can also wear shirts that are funny and that portray jokes. Sophomore Elijah Clutter said “I wear this shirt because nobody calls me dad, and I don’t like anyone. Therefore it fits me perfectly physically and situationally.”

Shirt’s can not only make the person wearing it happy, but it can also please other people. Freshman Llewellyn Spurgeon said, “[I like my shirt] cause it’s amusing.”

Shirts have more than one common purpose. They can express people’s opinions, their graphic designs can be comical or enjoyable, and they can be just plain fun. Fashion and trendiness is very popular and being able to have fun with that is a benefit that we have the pleasure of having..