WHS Students Have a Wide Variety of Opinions About Halloween

by Madison Miller

When the spookiest time of the year comes around, different people have different ideas of what they like to do for fun.  Many people of different ages celebrate it differently, whether it’s dressing up, carving pumpkins, attending a haunted house, trick or treating, or having fun with friends at Halloween parties.

Sophomore Jocelyn Baker said, “I don’t really go out for Halloween, I’m still in the Halloween spirit though.”  Many students agreed.

Juniors Chianne Downing and Madison Smith both said that they enjoy trick or treating more because they receive free candy.  

Junior Molly Lynch said, “I am definitely in the Halloween spirit, I just stay in my lair (my room) and don’t go out much and celebrate Halloween like most others do.”

“I tend to take my little sisters out trick or treating, I don’t really go to Halloween parties,” said junior Emily Jenkins.

“I don’t enjoy going out and getting candy on Halloween, so mainly I stay inside.  I don’t like to carve pumpkins, and I never really go to Halloween parties,” commented junior Alex Smith.  

“So far for this year I’ve carved a pumpkin, went to a corn maze, and I’m going to a party tomorrow with friends.  I think that dressing up is the most fun part out of everything,”  said junior Vanessa Parsons.

“I like to carve pumpkins with my family and go to Halloween with friends.  I love staying in the Halloween spirit!” added junior Bella Conto.  

Smith commented, “I love trick or treating because of dressing up and getting candy.  I also like going to parties with friends too.  I’ll never be too old to go trick or treating!”

There is a variety of Halloween traditions. Whichever you do, just remember to stay safe and have fun!