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WHS Wears Blue to Unite Against Bullying and Bring Awareness to the Problem

by Audrey McClatchie

If you took a good look around your classroom, you may have noticed more peers than normal wearing blue on Monday.. Many people here at Walkersville were wearing blue in order to raise awareness for bullying.

From generation to generation, physical and emotional bullying has been something many adolescents have dealt with. It has been a cruel tool for lowering the self esteem and confidence of students.

With modern technology, internet attacks have been added to the list. “We have cyberbullying,” said sophomore Sierra Few, “and it’s a lot easier to hide behind things.”

In the United States, 52% of bullying is cyber. [1] It has become easier for people to harass others, and is usually done as anonymous behind a screen. More than ever, kids needs to recognize the dangers of bullying in this day and age.

Taking a day to show our acknowledgement of bullying, and that it is a present danger, allows students to bring up these sometimes sensitive topics.  “That’s what I’m hoping [for] by bringing awareness,” explained Guidance Counselor Geri Beth Chavez, “that people are talking about it more.”

Having students and staff wear blue showed the school’s unity in protesting bullying. “It spreads the word,” commented Few.

This extra colorful day for awareness reminds people of all ages to take a stand. “People are aware of things that are not tolerated,” stated Science teacher Lori Stiles, “and kids and adults can speak up.”

Bullying is something that has to be dealt with in order to conquer it. Chavez asks students, “Please speak up, please say something; don’t just sit there in silence.”

This one day of remembrance should stick with Walkersville Lions all year. “We do not stand for it, we want people to recognize it when we see it and to report it,” Chavez urges, “we’re trying to stop it.”