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A Void In the Great Pyramid Has Historians and Others Spooked

by Jacob Hojnacke

While out on a project, an Egyptian Archaeologist found a void in the Great Pyramid. The void itself is said to be the size of a passenger plane.

Egyptologist, Aidan Dodson states that “There is zero chance of hidden burial chambers.” [1] Now some people still believe the idea that humans did not build the great pyramids, and because of this newfound discovery, there are many speculations on what it is, Freshman Kai Winterle claimed that the newfound area is “really scary.” Now that idea has been proved wrong by historians who have archeological evidence that towns all across egypt helped build the pyramids, but no one thought to make a map. That’s what’s amazing, that we can still discover new things everyday about something at least 5,000 years old.

This discovery is the biggest find in at least 200 years; we still don’t know what the chamber is, but we do know about the other large chambers, being the king’s room, the queen’s room, and a gallery. It is incredible that we can still discover new things about the last original “Wonder of the World.”

The way they found it was using Muon Detectors, which are charged particles that are much like electrons and positrons that can allow us to view through solid objects.

Oddly enough, a video game came out only week before the discovery was found. The game itself Assassins Creed: Origins, which places you in ancient Egypt. In the game there is a space exactly in the area where the new area was found, the space was put into the game in the middle of development, way before the discovery was made, this made fans of the game go crazy.

Sophomore Pedro Torres who had not heard about the discovery and the game’s correlation, made it clear on how he felt by saying “That stuff is very spooky.”

There are more plans to explore the vass area in the pyramids and unlocking their secrets, but until then we will just have to wait.